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(mostly) Homemade Chicken Jalfrezi

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve kind of been obsessing over Indian food.

I haven’t? Well consider it mentioned.

Here’s where the parenthetical mostly part of this post comes in: I recently got a jar of Jalfrezi sauce (from Midwestern Bite … I don’t think I was supposed to tell y’all about my foodie pen pal haul just yet, BUT … I had to share this cooking experience).

The best part about this sauce? Our local co-op has it. And other sauces by Seeds of Change. Next up? Tikka Masala.

I spent the evening that I received my pen pal’s package taking photos of it, and looking up recipes to use this sauce. I found this recipe for Chicken Jalfrezi on BBC’s Good Food website. We had the sauce, so we bought ingredients for the rest of the recipe.

And actually, even if you don’t have the sauce, this looks to be a really easy recipe. And cheap.

Red peppers.


Chicken breast (diced). And a few spices (most we already had).


Add sauce.

Maybe some rice and peas on the side (does anybody know how to get rice cooked like Indian rice? not sticky? help.)

And serve. But make sure that you aren’t too busy instagramming your dinner to take a REAL photo of it. I didn’t. Whoops. I assure you this was more delicious than this photo makes it look.

Question: How the hell do you get rice to not be sticky? I cannot do it. I suck at cooking rice. Help? 




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