I had a post about my double date on Saturday night scheduled for today, but my mom finally scanned this photo that I’ve been wanting her to scan for a while. So instead, you get the worst photo of me ever.

A post on The Lunchbox Diaries entitled “Dear Self” prompted me to look for this picture. I had all of my other pictures from years of school picture day, but not this one (there was a reason … scroll down and you’ll see). I thought of this photo because I wanted to tell my 4th grade self:

Dear Self:
You don’t know how to use the brakes on this 10-speed bike you just got for your birthday.Though it PAINS you to say you don’t know something, you should probably ask for help before you crash into your neighbor’s yard at the bottom of the hill mere days before school pictures. And no, mom is NOT going to let you get retakes. Or wear makeup.
27-year-old self

PS Your hair is naturally curly. Own it.
PPS Quit letting mom dress you.

^ yeah. This was also before I discovered blow drying doesn’t work with thick wavy hair.

Anything you’d like to tell your younger self? Or future self? 

PS Speaking of photos, I have to share this one. My friend finally posted the photos from her wedding. And I didn’t see this one before … hilarious. This was our table. Well most of it. Just the people brave enough to be in the photo.

[ photo copyright McClanahan Studio ]

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4 Responses to dear 4th grade self

  1. Kim Merselis says:

    I would definitely tell myself to own who I am!
    Also, love the last picture. I went to high school with the wife of the photographer.

  2. aahh haha, that photo is absolutely awesome. you look psyched.

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