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So, I had a productive weekend.

I was crazy busy this weekend making a ton of bags for a sale this upcoming Saturday. FORTY FIVE of them to be exact. I almost ran out of zippers from my bag o’ 100 zippers and I’m going to have to re-order from the bulk zipper lady on etsy before I can make any more bags.

And yes, I use cereal boxes to make templates for my stuff. Just like my granny used to do. 🙂

Um, so my needle got so dull after about 43 bags-worth of stitches that it broke on the second-to-last bag.

Also? I never keep stuff for myself. But I’m keeping this bag. It’s got one of my favorite prints AND vintage pink lace that my mom picked up for me on one of her antiquing trips.

Oh, and we actually went on a date on Saturday night. A double date. With my friend Kelly and her new BF. La Fuente for food then bowling. I might have more cute pix and a recap later this week (unless Kelly posts a recap first!), but for now, here’s the abbreviated version via instagram.

[ his and hers margaritas ]

[ Kelly was kicking our butts at this point ]

[ and I was having an awesome hair day, despite the crap weather ]

I also managed to run 3.5 miles in my vibrams with no pain in my knee (!!!). My calves were screaming at me the next day because my leg muscles are adjusting to different shoes. I tend to wear the same type of shoe for several years before venturing out and trying something new.

[ got to the gym RIGHT when it started raining. love it when I managed to squeeze in my run before the rain! ]

And I finally made the frozen yogurt I’d been threatening to make since Easter. I used our leftover Reese’s peanut butter eggs. I’ll have a recipe up later this week when I get my photos processed. And I’ve got something exciting on deck regarding yogurt / frozen yogurt that’s coming up on the 25th (next Wednesday)

Also, I made brunch yesterday. Fajita eggs, blueberry pancakes (not GF — yesterday was a low carb day on LiveFit, so I didn’t even bother making them GF because I didn’t need to eat them) and turkey sausage. My friend Amanda brought some OJ and champagne for some impromptu mimosas before I got started on my sewing binge.


Did you do anything exciting this weekend? How was the weather where you were? The midwest was getting pelted with storms … 


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  1. i want, no I NEED one of those bags!!! awesome!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      thanks! 🙂 I might have some leftover after this weekend’s sale …

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