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[ gluten free ] easy skillet lasagna

If you’re not a geek, scroll down for a recipe while I geek out a little.

Eek — my friend Seth is at C2E2 this weekend and I am kind of geeking out because I saw he posted a picture of a Dalek. Yeah. Next year, I’m going to a comic convention for a vacation. Because that’s how I roll.

[ source — ganked from Seth’s FB page ]

Okay. Recipe time!

Ever since I made that mock lasagna casserole, Mark has been wanting lasagna. Real lasagna.

Well, buddy, I can’t make you REAL lasagna, but I can make you one that has brown rice noodles instead of regular gluteny noodles.

I follow about 900 blogs. A lot of them are food and / or fitness blogs. Generation Y Foodie posted this Easy Skillet Lasagna recipe, and I knew that this was the lasagna I would be making to satisfy Mark’s craving and my need for something somewhat healthy and gluten free.

I used fat free ricotta and turkey sausage [ since we make our own now with the giant thing of spices I got from HyVee ]. I also used brown rice noodles. And since they don’t come in the no-cook variety, I boiled them for 2-3 minutes before adding them to the skillet. Which made for an interesting task since rice noodles STICK SUPER HARD CORE when they cool. So I put HOT noodles (ouch) on my lasagna.

The end result? Lots of delicious-looking [ and tasting! ] squares of lasagna.


I cut these bad boys up and wrapped them individually in foil for future dinner purposes. I currently have 2 pieces left in the freezer. This freezes and reheats really well. The rice noodles don’t hold up as well as regular noodles do, so if you’re freezing and not needing to make this gluten free, then use regular whole wheat noodles.

JUST LOOK AT THAT CHEESE. I want a piece right now. YUM.

I want to do this again, but maybe see if I can make a “Greek” version [ ie. my excuse to use goat cheese version ]. Probably spinach + sun dried tomatoes or a really garlicky sauce + goat cheese on the top.

When cut into 10 pieces, they’re 8 WW points + a piece.


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  1. Love the Dalek!! I also really want a Tardis mug. I’m glad I’m not the only Dr Who fan. We’re late to the game, just found the series in January and are on season 4 now. 🙂

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