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Before I get to the good stuff, I have to tell you that I ran a mile yesterday! I never thought I’d be so excited about running a mile. I may have been ignoring the fact that my knee was bugging me since … oh … November … when I fell and bonked it twice in the same place in one week. I started LiveFit instead of worrying about running for a while, and I ran a few longer runs (7 and 8 miles in January) then cut it down to one shorter run a week (4-5 miles) and eventually kind of quit running because my knee was locking up after 2-3 miles.

I figured if I quit and worked on building muscle and worked with my chiropractor, it would heal over time. I realized after a while that it was my IT band (again) causing me pain. So I’ve been working on stretches (at my desk since I stand) and rolling it with a foam roller. I even switched sides of the bed last night (on purpose — not in the middle of the night half-asleep like I usually do) so I wouldn’t sleep with my left knee all cranked up to my belly like I normally do. Bent knee while sleeping = not great for IT band.

Anywho. One pain-free mile down. Hopefully more to come.

I’m doing sprints tomorrow for LiveFit, and I’m going to try running them. We’ll see how that goes.

Now for the exciting news part of this post.

My friend Amanda (the one who made me the awesome TARDIS tea mug) was kind enough to invite me to tag along to help her with the Renegade Austin Craft Show on May 19th and 20th.


Um, yes? Please!

Recently I’d been talking a lot about not doing many craft shows this year and that I love doing them, but I don’t get any return on investment because I don’t make a whole lot. I usually do Market Day, but am only going to sign up for Black Friday (if there’s any spots left) because it’s the only show that I get a decent profit from, otherwise I mostly just break even. But the friends I’ve made and connections I’ve formed at these events are equally important as cash in my pocket. I just can’t spend that kind of cash, or more importantly, that kind of time making things for a show when they might not sell. Instead, I’ve volunteered to help the great folks at Market Day if they need it because I believe in the event and I have been with it since the start.

Also, instead of craft shows, this year I’ve been focusing on teaching and consignment. I love teaching people how to do new and interesting things — so this is a great move for me.

Okay — so AUSTIN! That’s what we’re all interested in, right?

Texas. Not Minnesota. And that’s a 16-hour drive from Iowa. Yup. Driving, because Amanda makes fabulous ceramics and there is no way we could fly down with her inventory. ROAD TRIP! And it sounds like we’re staying in Wichita, KS on the way down. And staying with some friends of hers when we get there.

And yes, I’m a little freaked out about two road trips in one month with my leg. There’s a history of injury with my IT band. Those of you who don’t know, I ran a marathon in 2008 and I overtrained and messed up my leg pretty bad. And I didn’t admit to myself until months later that I was really injured, which made things worse. I stand all day at work. Long periods of sitting make my hip lock up. I have a section dedicated to posts relating to the injury, but most of them are cross-filed in the “rant” section because it’s just whining and bitching about not being able to run.

I can’t wait! Partially because I’ve just cruised the artists page on the Renegade site … and I found some things (which means I’m going to have to be cheaper than I anticipated at BLEND — but I’ll likely visit CO more often since it’s closer to me … and I’m not going to have TIME to shop with all the great stuff they have scheduled anyway).


I was going to do a HUGE roundup post of all the cool stuff that I wanted to buy … but I decided against it because I found entirely too many items and it would have been a mile-long post. You guys should browse the artists page … there are some really great ones going to this show!

Are you doing any traveling this summer? 

PS: I would like to have a few guest bloggers lined up for when I’m gone on this trip. I have some ready for Blend. Let me know by commenting or e-mailing I’m looking for anything crafty, recipes, workout tips, commentary on life, or anything you think would fit well with my general non-theme of my blog. And if you’re already guest-posting while I’m out at Blend, I’d be open to a repeat blogging.


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  1. Lindsay says: Reply

    I’m in Austin!!!

  2. Easy drive. You only need to stop for gas 3 times!

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