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Humpday Blog Love: Kiss My Broccoli + Wool Eater Wednesday

This week I’m featuring Heather‘s blog, Kiss My Broccoli. Heather’s from Tennessee and has a lot of sass.

Not only does her blog have a catchy name, it’s got some great stuff. Including a LOT of recipes. And pancakes.

I started reading Heather’s blog sometime in the past few months along with all the other BLENDs’ blogs. I enjoy reading hers because she seems to have some of my personality traits.

Those of you who know me, I’m pretty sure you can see it in her profile picture. Um. Yeah. I think we might end up being BBFs (best blends forever … wow that was entirely too punny) after the retreat.

[ via kiss my broccoli ]

For instance can’t you see this happening to me? Her boyfriend went MIA for the evening and the crazy worry wart in her came out in a cleaning fury. This post still cracks me up.

And it seems like she’s always got a fridge full of Chobani. Jealous.

[ via kiss my broccoli ]

I also found out about foodie pen pals through her blog. And am now participating (yay!).

So if you have time, head on over to Kiss My Broccoli and show Heather some love!


In other news, I finished my Wool Eater Blanket.

Finally. AND I weaved in all the ends. So It’s finished. For realzies.

It’s incredibly scrappy. I used up almost all my yarn. And go figure, the second I finished this thing, I found a big ball of yellow and a big skein of black. Maybe adding another row or two …

But until then, I’m calling it done and using it. Except that Barney has already claimed it as his own. I guess I’ll have to ask permission.

… or open up the windows in the living room so he forgets about the blanket and hangs out in the sun all day. He seriously won’t move.

But, I sincerely hope I don’t walk in on him … um … loving … my newly finished blanket. He has a thing for blankets. I don’t know WHY, but he does. He had his eye on this one before I had even finished it.

Have you finished any big projects lately? 

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  1. Wow – that’s so amazing that you made a blanket – that’s so cool!! I’m not crafty like that, but I am always amazed by the things people make!

  2. […] found him snuggled up in my hand-crocheted wool-eater blanket next to the pillow I received from a recent Des Moines Modern Quilt Guild (DMMQG) pillow swap. Not […]

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  4. Katie Ricklefs says: Reply

    Ooo I might have to try to make that wool eater blanket! A little intimidating because it’s such a large project, though.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      It’s really fun. What I like is that you can literally pick it up and put it down whenever. I would start by getting just a few rows’ worth of yarn and see if you like it. It’s great for a rainy day and lots of Netflix.

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