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Humpday Blog Love: Oatmeal After Spinning + WIAW

This week I’m featuring Lauren’s blog: Oatmeal After Spinning, another BLEND** blogger.

I started reading Lauren’s blog in January after I signed up for the BLEND Retreat. I was eager to subscribe to all the other BLENDs’ blogs and start getting to know the people I was going to be spending a weekend with come May [I check back frequently to see if anybody new has been added … I just added about 10 more last week].

The first thing that interested me about Lauren’s blog, is, I admit, her two absolutely gorgeous golden retrievers that she strategically works into almost every post, including my favorite recent post about rules for trail running. I swear every comment I leave on her blog starts out with, “OMG I WANT TO SNUGGLE YOUR DOGS.”

[ image from Oatmeal After Spinning ]

Lauren is a BodyPump [ my favorite class EVER ] and spinning instructor who lives just north of Washington DC who got her start living healthy by taking exercise classes and eating clean and has never felt better. She posts a lot of great clean recipes, shares a bit about her daily life — including her morning routine must-haves and the story of her and her hubby. She also has some great reviews of gear and other fitnessy stuff. I love her post about fitness DVDs, and I need to do something similar soon.

Head on over to her blog today and leave her some lovin’ … even if the real reason you’re there is because her dogs are so cuddly-looking. Tell her I sent you!


Now for this week’s installment of What I Ate Wednesday.

Last week was crazy for me. I wasn’t home Wednesday and Thursday and I ate a lot of random stuff that was provided for our family by friends and more family during the time I was gone and at my Gram’s memorial service. I didn’t want people to be distracted by all my weird taking-of-food-photos, so I didn’t do it.

Instead, I bring you a few staples to my daily routine and some of the best most delicious stuff I ate this past week. And I had a lot of veggies … but we had a lot of bacon too. 🙂

This is how every day starts off for me: Giant mug of tea + reading blogs / blogging. If my day doesn’t start this way, I’m not happy. This makes for interesting traveling.

What kind of tea you ask? Green tea. I need a bit of caffeine to wake up, but I don’t like to have a lot or I drag later in the afternoon.Lately I’ve been sipping Yogi Green Tea Energy. I switch up the flavors and brands now and again, but I stick to green. My favorite is a tie between Tazo Zen and Yogi Green Tea Kombucha.

And every day I refill my Kleen Kanteen bottle twice. Maybe three times if I sweat a lot or if it’s hot.

Last week we went out to eat at one of our favorite local restaurants, La Fuente. It’s cheap. Somewhat authentic. But mostly, there’s margaritas.

And I consider this place a double score because I always bring enough leftovers home for a second [ sometimes third if I play my cards right ] meal. I typically get the fajitas and Mark gets the Yolandas — shredded pork on top of two enchiladas. For some reason I didn’t take a photo of my fajitas. But I got the vegetarian fajitas and had a couple bites of Mark’s pork.

Seriously. I wish they made the pork ala carte. It’s so good!

Also, have I mentioned how incredibly gorgeous Mark is? Yeah. He’s pretty damn good looking. At least I think so, and that’s really all that matters.

I ended up having 2 margaritas [ yikes! ] and eating even less of my food than I normally do. So I had quite a bit of leftover food. And what better to do with leftovers than to make something more interesting out of them? I present: Fajita eggs.

I don’t know WHY I was obsessing over BFD last week [ not big f*cking deal, breakfast for dinner, which is actually a big f*cking deal to me ]. But I believe I had salsa eggs and toast every night I was home last week. Except the night we went out. And the night I had fajita eggs.

Basically, you get your leftover fajita filling out, reheat it on a hot skillet and add eggs or egg whites [ I add egg whites ] and you can optionally sprinkle some cheese on it. If you’re awesome, you can make it into an omelet. If you’re hungry, you’ll let it set up and scrape it out of the pan onto your plate like I did.

Extra points if you serve with bacon. Even more extra points if you serve with Chobani and the KIND healthy grains granola I’ve been obsessing over recently.

YUM. I may have snuck another piece or two on the inside of fajita eggs.

Oh, and speaking of Chobani … we found a killer sale at HyVee this weekend: 2/$1. Granted, they were all going to expire by the end of this week … but I think we can manage to eat all this yogurt this week. Just maybe.

Oh, and you might notice above the yogurt that there is some beer. Yes. Beer. That I can drink!

Eeek! We found some New Grist gluten-free beer at our local liquor store on Saturday. It’s not the BEST beer I’ve ever had, but I liked dark wheaty beers, which obviously I can’t have any more.

Speaking of bacon …

Wait, we weren’t still talking about bacon? Oh. Well …

Mark made this amazing-looking BLT with his homemade bread and a homemade spicy mayo. He had BLTs most of the week. We’ve eaten a lot of bacon this last week.

… Mostly because my little jar of bacon grease was gone so we needed to refill it.

You heard me. I save my bacon grease. What of it?

You have to use fat for things anyway and this is full of flavor. I only use it for breakfast items that are already pretty greasy. My roommate uses it to scramble eggs and make grilled cheese, which is probably why we were out. Not because I made potato biscuits and gravy with it. Nope.

However, if you’re going to make bacon, the secret to great bacon is to use more grease. So we actually add grease to the bacon to cook it. Then dab it off with paper towels when we’re done. Makes really crisp bacon.

Also, we had a very successful pizza night. I had some leftover arugula from some salads I had been eating last week, so I topped my gluten free crust with garlic, mushrooms, arugula, tomatoes and red onions.

The boys had lots of various toppings but mostly sausage. And theirs was on Mark’s homemade pizza crust. The crust that I swear he perfected the second I found out that gluten kills my stomach.

Just look at those crusts!

I feel like I should do a What Mark Ate Wednesday because he makes some really great food that’s not exactly healthy [ but he’s getting better at it ] but it’s really well-prepared and as healthily prepared as he can make it.

Anyway. I think that’s it. Did you have anything spectacularly delicious this week? 

**Side note — IT’S ONLY ONE MONTH FROM BLEND TODAY! Do you have your tickets yet? I need to book my B&B’s for the drive there and the drive back since I can’t sit for more than 6 hours at a time. LONG DRIVE. And I just realized that flying is about the same cost as gas + B&Bs. Conundrum. Do I want to road trip ? Or not ?


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  1. I just added all the Blend Bloggers to my reader last night – sounds like you were lightyears ahead of me! It’s great to discover new blog friends, but now my reading list is even longer!! =)

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      I feel like I know everybody already. So excited!

  2. fajita eggs are so smart! great idea.

  3. Thanks for the love!! Can’t wait for Blend (and it’s only 2 months away now!!!)

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      wait … 2 months?? i hope it’s actually 1 month or I’m totally screwed on my vacation. 🙁

  4. Yay! Lauren wins. I can’t wait for Blend!

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