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Workout Playlist on Twenties Hacker

Happy Monday morning!

I had a rough start to the day. My shoes fell out of my bag on the way to work on my bike this morning. And it was windy. So I’m windblown and sweaty.

But that’s okay. You know why? Because I have some caffeine in me. And I’ve got a cool new mug from my friend Amanda to drink it with.


I saw this mug on etsy a LONG time ago and pinned it. Amanda was like, “Um, I can probably make that.” And make it cooler of course. I went to her studio sometime last week and picked through her GINORMOUS stamp collection (seriously, you could probably tell her you want a dolphin riding a unicorn and she could do it). I was going to do some pretty swallows, but then I saw the TARDIS. And was sold. Allons-y! with thatI said. I picked it up yesterday after a lovely brunch at The Café with her.

It’s not quite big enough to suit my caffeine needs. I should have her make me a massive mug at some point. Also, I’m not trying to flip you off. That’s just apparently how I hold a mug.

Oh, and make sure to over to Twenties Hacker today to see another installment of Fit Your Fancy. I included some gratuitous pictures of Marky Mark but provided you with a great workout playlist.

Here’s a gratuitous photo of my Marky Mark with Barney. And by Mark with Barney, I mean Barney on Mark. Yeah. This dog likes to sit in some pretty comfortable awkward positions.

In other news, I *finally* finished Phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer on Saturday. The results? Well, the trouble areas aren’t what I want them to be yet, but my shoulders and chest are freaking awesome. Check it.

I’m having a little bit of an issue fitting into a couple of my jackets, buuuut I’ll take it because, DANG. Also, I’ve been getting “porno boob” cleavage in some of my smaller sports bras thanks to my beefier chest muscles. If this photo was taken from a different angle, you’d see what I mean.

No awkward underwear photos this time. So sorry to disappoint. I’m hopefully going to have a big reveal at the end. And by hopefully, I mean I hope that I will show a bigger difference than I did the last time I posted photos.

Yesterday was a rest day … aka active rest — biked to run a bunch of errands, then went for a short run (2ish miles). I managed to pick up some shoes that I’ve been wanting to try out whilst on my bike ride:

Yup. I’m officially one of “those” people. I wanted something like this for lifting to help with my balance and I’m hoping that wearing these will strengthen my feet muscles a bit so they don’t hurt so much when I run.

It was pretty embarrassing trying to get my feet into these shoes at the store. The lady at JAX assured me that if I wore them around the house at first and didn’t like them, I could return them [ is that kind of gross? They’re on my naked feet. ]. I read the “easy fitting instructions” when I got home and got my toes into these fairly easily.

AND I picked up some boards and a frame for an embroidery project that I’m going to mail to a friend today. I was trying to practice using the stem stitch as an outline stitch, so I quickly stitched up this quote from Buffy. I thought my friend Seth [ nerdboner ] would like it so I framed it up and am sending it his way.


I had a pretty productive rest day yesterday.

Today? Day one of Phase 3. Looks like I’m going to be doing some moves between sets of lifting and probably feeling like a dork the first few times I do this, but it’s going to be totally worth it when I’m done! SHRED TIME.

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  1. Kim Merselis says: Reply

    Miss the Cafe so much!! That is definitely one of the big things we miss about living there. 2.5 years later and we are still talking about it.

  2. janetha says: Reply

    1. that mug rules! 2. nice shoulder shot! 3. YAY vibrams!

  3. Hi Calee, what a fab mug! and those shoulders are amazing, when I have finished my “New Rules of Lifting For Women” will check out Jamie Eason LiveFit training.

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  5. […] Mug – custom made by Amanda Barr of Amanda Barr Ceramics. I discovered Amanda’s work through Calee (she has the original of this mug – I asked Amanda to make me one like hers!). Being the Dr Who […]

  6. […] Mug – custom made by Amanda Barr of Amanda Barr Ceramics. I discovered Amanda’s work through Calee (she has the original of this mug – I asked Amanda to make me one like hers!). Being the Dr Who […]

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