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Ay Matees, I gots me some treasure.

I mentioned that my mom told me that she found a box full of of treasures the other day in one of Gram’s closets..

Boy, did she.

First, there was a little box full of embroidery thread and instructions for different stitches. I remember getting this out sometime when I was a kid, so I’m not sure if this is Gram’s or Granny’s, but it smells a little like Granny (she died of emphysema … figure that one out).

I already sorted and bagged the floss. I seriously JUST started to make a dent in the other bag that I’d already sorted from several years ago. Maybe I should make friendship bracelets. I could make one for everybody attending BLEND. That would be fun … a summer camp trinket! But that would be a long month of friendship bracelet making.

In case you didn’t see it in the picture above, this book cost TWENTY NINE CENTS. I wish I knew what year it was from, but judging from the photography on the inside, I’m guessing the early 60s.

I remember this book. It teaches embroidery, crochet, knitting and tatting. Tatting? What the hell is that? I took this book home the first time I wanted to learn how to crochet. And I brought it back after several failed attempts.

Along with the box of embroidery stuff, I got a MASSIVE box of vintage fabric scraps and unfinished hand-pieced quilt blocks.

These were most definitely Granny’s. Gram did not do patchwork. And I know some of the fabric in here was from clothes that Granny used to wear. Look at that cool olive green fabric with the Las Vegas-style stars! I would say there’s about a yard’s worth of scraps here.

But there is about a full or queen-sized bed’s worth of quilt blocks. Maybe more.

They’re all this 6-point star pattern. And I’m not sure what to do to finish them. I’m going to take them to the Des Moines Quilt Guild meeting in April and see if they can help me. I know I have to put fabric between the points, but I’m not sure how to go about doing that because it just doesn’t work like that (this won’t make sense to those of you that don’t sew, but trust me, you can’t just sew a triangle in that shape in that void). And then if I don’t make these puppies square, I’m going to have to figure out how to sew a bunch of six-sided polygons together.

This is going to be a task.

But, she spent all the time cutting these out and sewing them by hand, so I want to finish this the way that she intended it to be done.

Also, I kind of want to bitch at her for the seams after learning how to actually press seams. She’d probably just pinch me and go get a bowl of Trix (that woman LIVED on Trix. It wasn’t for kids. It’s for grannys is what she used to tell me).

Otherwise I’d just applique them onto the big bed sheet that I got with all this stuff (true story. my grandpa thought that I could use a bedsheet that had a tear in it — which I can, but I don’t need more thrifted / gifted supplies) and finish the quilt really fast. But I hate applique quilts with a passion. There’s no skill involved (okay, some skill but it’s not as badass as piecing) and I hate how the edges turn out … and they always look ultra-cheesy. Yuck.

But seriously.


Thanks in advance to my friend Doris for most likely helping me trouble shoot this. She’s an awesome quilter. And she’s probably geeking out over this treasure find.


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  1. Doris says: Reply

    Ha! I am geeking out over it! Trying to see the little prints on those awesome vintage designs! And I have that same little green booklet that I found at a antique shop ( in Ames) this past year!

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      ahhhhhh … that antique store closed and I was SO sad. 🙁

      I noticed that a lot of the prints I’ve got in my repro quilt are the same as some of the ones that are in this box. About half are likely made from clothing we decided because mom and I had fuzzy memories of granny wearing things made from different fabrics in the box.

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