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ugh. hair. and mini muffin tops.

It’s been rather warm here this week. In fact, I ended up previewing my super tiny shorty compression shorts from UnderArmour yesterday … LONG before I was comfortable cramming into them. Muffin. Top. Okay, it was like one of those mini breakfast muffins, but it was still happening. Not cool. But I ran 3.14+ miles in shorty shorts and a sports bra anyway. And then I went to the gym, which is our University gym, and I’ve been known to run into coworkers. In shorty shorts? This could be interesting.

Fortunately, it’s spring break. Nobody I didn’t want to see was there for my tiny pant preview. But it wasn’t that bad anyway. See?

However, there were some um, very helpful, men that were obnoxiously trying to help me set up my station for bench presses. No thanks. I can do it myself. Which I told them in a not-so-polite-tone. Nothing pisses me off more than boys at the gym thinking that women can’t lift heavy things. Why else would I be there?

Related [ to the shorty shorts ] question: Do you guys wear panties with workout gear that has built-in underwear or is made to not wear underwear with? I’m having a hard time NOT wearing underwear. It feels weird. And kinda gross. But it’s definitely more comfortable with gear that’s made specifically to go skivvyless.

So besides requiring me to wear super tiny shorty shorts to stay cool, this March heatwave is making me want to cut my hair off again.

Yes. I realize I just spent 8 hours blonde-ing it.

It’s really gotten to that obnoxious point. The point where it’s IN MY FACE and I can’t ponytail it. And it’s on the back of my neck. Making me hot.

Not to mention, my face is all broken out now. I blame the hair touching it. And the fact that I haven’t adjusted to washing my hair like a normal person again. I could get away with a week’s worth of no-washing with short hair.

Yes. I realize that washing my hair once a week might make me a disgusting person, but I have dry, curly hair and I need to wash it less or it starts breaking apart and getting frizzy. Short hair allows me to easily wash my scalp, so my hair stays grease-free longer. I always rinse my hair regardless if I shampoo it every time I get in the shower and condition it every few times. So it’s not totally gross. Right? Meh.

I’ve been trying to grow it back out, but … I loved this cut … sooooooo much:

Not only was it super crazy easy to style, it was adorable. And not many chicks can pull off this short of hair.

Right now … my mane is getting unruly and looks like this:

Oh, and it’s going to be 80° today. Spring break. In Iowa. Where’s the snow? The first time I’ve not had vacation during spring break since I was probably 5 years old, and it’s flipping beautiful.

Knowing how hot and uncomfortable I’d be with thick curly hair everywhere, I spent 20 minutes this morning trying to get all the little short ends pinned up and out of my face and off my neck. It didn’t turn out as cute as some of the pinned up styles I did / will be able to do when it’s long. And definitely not as fast. I don’t like spending 20 minutes on my hair … I’m leaning towards chopping.

All I want is for it to be adorably short or really long like this:

… none of this in-between BS!

Should I be patient and wait another month to see if I can ponytail this shiz by the end of April? Or should I just el-chop-o? 

Because I’m seriously about ready to buzz it. RELATED: I’m in dire need of a touchup on the blonde. I’m going to to go one shade darker so it’s closer to my natural color [ in the long and short hair photos ].

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  1. Whoopdedoo_5 says: Reply

    I like the short do on you!

  2. Ben Randolph says: Reply

    I like it long 🙂

  3. I can offer you no guidance on your hair b/c I am currently struggling with what to do with mine. I think I’m kind of done with the red, maybe? I don’t know. It’s getting TOO red. We’ve been over this.

    I’ve liked all of your various cuts. My favorite favorite was kind of that really dark brown you had a year or two ago, that length/style/cut. But, like I said. They’ve all looked good. You have very versatile hair.

    Given how hot this summer is supposed to be, though, I’d maybe recommend the short one. You can grow it out long in the fall, then.

    ooh, also, if you’re not using that brown color currently, maybe I want to go that direction. It’ll probably keep a tinge of auburn anyway so it will be the best of everything. We need to do my hair soon.

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