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On Wednesday, Kelly and I inadvertently posted photos of shirtless men completely unbeknownst to the other (hers / mine). We giggled a little.

But it made me realize something very important: Shirtless men are lovely. Some more than others. In fact, here are what I deem the four best shirtless men images of all time.

MARLON BRANDO. In case you’ve only seen him in the Godfather, please note, he used to be EXTREMELY attractive. Especially in  A Streetcar Named Desire.

[ source ]

MARKy mark WAHLBURG … in case this one wasn’t obvious. HELLO SIR. If I could get in a time machine and go back to 1991 …

[ source ]


[ source ]

ASHTON KUTCHER. I had this Rolling Stone cover on the back of my bedroom door one summer at home during college. I was PISSED when I realized he was smoking. Irony? Yes.

[ source ]

And yes, I realize that two of these four are sadly gone, one is a complete tool and the other can’t act his way out of a box*. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t PRETTY.

*I like him, especially in Fear, but others seem to hold this opinion.

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  1. Dave says: Reply

    Ugh, I don’t know why I fell for the title.

    1. Anonymous says: Reply


  2. Mmm, shirtless dudes.

  3. Unknown says: Reply

    OMG!!!!! Marlon Brando is soooo hotttt!!!!! He’s got some biceps!!!!! I loooove his abs!!!!!

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