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FO Friday: Stella Quilt

You may remember this quilt top from 2009 when I originally had it slated to become a finished quilt for my niece’s first birthday.

Well, as you may know I’m really bad about finishing quilts. Mostly because it isn’t cheap to get them quilted professionally and up until I got my new sewing machine recently it was a huge pain to quilt them myself.

So what I’m saying is that my niece didn’t get this for her birthday in 2009.

It ended up being a lovely baby shower gift for my friend Adria who is due in February. Adria made me a quilt a LONG time ago and is responsible for my slightly expensive fabric hoarding obsession.

Also, I posted the photos on my flickr last week and picked one of my images and featured this quilt on their flickr Friday on December 1. I couldn’t share until after her baby shower for obvious reasons.

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