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The Great High School Photo Scanning Project Installment One: Prom 2000

Yo bloglings*!

After so many moves to different apartments I’ve decided that it’s high time I ditch some of my junk. First and foremost — those 10 giant photo albums from high school.


And the time well-before Facebook albums. That’s right. I was there at the dawn of Facebook when you could only have ONE profile photo. Yes. ONE.

Anywho, I now present to you the ever-important FIRST PROM I EVER ATTENDED: Prom 2000. A prom for the new millennium. Actually I have no idea what the theme was, but I’m sure it was fantabulous. Especially because I was oh-so-cool as a sophomore going to prom.

I apologize in advance for the amount of hair gel and rolls of bangs. And the fact that I didn’t label any of these pix. Quite frankly if you were there you remember it and will giggle and if you weren’t there you’ll giggle without the pertinents.

And note that my friends and I (specifically most of the male friends featured in these photos) were the Magic the Gathering-playing types in high school. In case you couldn’t tell from the photos.

Also, I’m not going to put any of the Project’s photos on Facebook. If you would like a high res copy, please comment and I’ll e-mail it to you.

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  1. Doris says: Reply

    Okay, I’m giggling, but considering mine was in the 1980s, I’ll keep my mouth shut. i would, however, like to see the rest of that dress. It’s sort of quilt-y looking…

    1. Anonymous says: Reply

      ohhh it’s just layers of tulle. 🙂 lots of layers. i have it on facebook i think? I just posted it on your wall

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