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Did I mention …

I think I forgot to mention that I decorated a little bit. Mostly our room. Check it out!

The table in the corner used to be primary blue and red, from when Mark was little, and apparently was Mark’s mom’s furniture when she was younger too. I spray painted it an avocado color that we liked to go with the quilt and body pillow.

I spray painted all of these random frames one color and placed them around a mirror. This is really neat, but it’s kind of a pain in the butt at night because it’s right next to our bed and it’s easy to knock things off the wall …

And here is our geeky living room. It’s in progress. I want to add my Roseanne Afghan that I’ve been working on since 2007. Yes. Since 2007. It’s mostly done. I have to weave in ends on 120 granny squares to finish it. Which means 1200 ends to weave in. So I might be done by 2017.

But we’ve got a framed print of all the doctors from Dr. Who and of the main cast of Buffy (courtesy of my awesome friend Seth) and a framed x-stitch of a PBR label (courtesy of our awesome friend Katie).

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