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FOUND! 100% Awesomeness

I did Craft Saturday yesterday and amongst the superb vendors there was a lady named Kate Funk. She sells greeting cards.

Not just any greeting cards though. CAT greeting cards.

And not your run of the mill cat greeting cards either. These are bitchin’.

She apparently dresses up her cat, AC, who, by the way has to be a good sport. Then she places him in a propped cardboard diorama and takes photos of him for her cards. The photos are all extremely well-themed too. Check these out (click the images to go to the etsy listing for each item below).

Domestica just started stocking these too, in case you were wondering about local availability.

Here’s AC Going Back to College


AC is Jaws


AC is Fly, Yo


AC be Ballin’


AC is Rambo


AC Gay Pride


And my personal favorite, AC’s Acid Trip


Kate also just rolled out her 2012 Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar. Which I seriously need to pick up.



The kicker? I don’t really even LIKE cats. I’m highly allergic and they usually just piss me off. But this is beyond awesome!

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