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Macaroni and Cheese

First of all, I have NO idea how I did this. I actually made creamy and melty macaroni and cheese from REAL CHEESE.  That’s right. The consistency of Velveeta mac and cheese, but without all the processed crap.

I used a sharp organic cheddar and a chihuahua cheese (not made from chihuahua’s milk, fyi).  I thought that the chihuahua would melt nicely, which it did this first time.  But not the second time.

I’ve tried several times since this occurrence to repeat the awesome mac and cheese to no avail. It’s gritty. Or it’s too stringy.  I thought that because I processed the two cheeses together in my food processor with the butter that I used in the dish that maybe that was the key — not so much.

I found this recipe by Rachel Ray that does what I want to do.  So maybe next time I’ll just use this.

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