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The Stuff so Nice We Moved It Twice

We’ve been in our new place for an entire month, so I guess it’s time to blog about the fantastic experience we had.

So since we’ve been planning on moving for a while, Mark reserved a Uhaul several months in advance. We reserved a Uhaul at Graham Tire Company in Ankeny.

Well, as it turns out, we didn’t need a reservation because to Graham Tire in Ankeny, reservations don’t mean anything.  We called them the day of our move and they told us we needed to DRIVE TO MISSOURI to pick up our truck.  MISSOURI.  Yes.  Missouri

This was completely unacceptable.  And every truck in the state of Iowa, and everything in a 2-hour driving radius was already reserved. You know, because it was July 31st, college town moving day everywhere.

So I get on the phone and call this place to see what they could do.  They didn’t offer any service.  They gave us the 1-800 number and Mark called that while I was on the phone with these people.  I asked if they could do anything else — if there were any numbers THEY could call.  They refused to do anything additional to help us get a truck since the truck we reserved with them wasn’t there.  The guy explained to me that they were a hub and they couldn’t ever guarantee a truck.  So I asked why they let us reserve one and why this wasn’t explained to us in the first place.  He apologized, and I did not accept the apology.  I called the manager’s cell phone and explained the situation but the manager has yet to call back on this customer service issue.

Mark is still on the phone.

So I call the Uhaul in Albert Lea (closest place we could think of that’s not a college town).  She said she has a few 14-foot trucks (we needed a 17-foot at least).  So she called a few numbers (like I’d asked the person at the Ankeny store to do), and got a hold of a few trucks that might be able to be reserved for us.

In the meantime, Mark is still on the phone.  He finally gets through to the people who tell us that there is a 26-foot truck in Coralville (yes, a 2-hour drive) that would be available at 3 PM.  They would give it to us for free, except for mileage.  So final review on Uhaul?  Don’t reserve with a hub (ask if they’re a hub up front!). Customer service is good on the traffic line (the 800 number) but don’t expect the same from business to business.  Graham Tire in Ankeny is getting a few honest reviews on yelp, google, and other sites.

Okay, so we have a truck now.  But the bigger problem is that we have to have all our stuff out by 2 PM (before the truck is ready) so the carpet can be cleaned. Or else it would have ended up costing Mark $500 between cleaning fees and money taken off their deposit.

So enter our roommate and our apparently extremely loyal friend, Ben.  While Mark and I drove to Coralville to pick up the truck (aka mini-semi), they moved all our belongings to the small patch of linoleum in the kitchen and to Mark’s parking spot in the lot (thank goodness it wasn’t raining!)

Side note — the trip to Coralville for the truck wasn’t a complete waste.  I remembered there was a Whitey’s Ice Cream in the mall.  And we had stopped there for lunch.  I picked up a delicious gyro salad from an authentic local Greek food stand and Mark had some Arby’s.  I definitely got some Whitey’s — black cherry frozen yogurt.

[Mark looks super enthused — he’s about to drive the mini-semi across the state]

[gyro salad, but not as good as Gazali’s in Des Moines]

[omg yum]

So we get home … and the carpet has just been cleaned.  We can’t go in the apartment for the next 4 hours.  We moved everything from the parking lot to the truck and waited.  At 9 PM we started moving stuff and weren’t done until 3 AM.  124 steps per trip up and down the stairs.  For 6 hours

And then the next day we turned around and did it again.  Only backwards.  And into a new place.  Thus, drinks were had.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that besides the amazingly awesome customer service that we had at Graham’s Tire (amazingly BAD service that is), I ended up being locked out of my storage unit, where almost all my belongings had been for the past 4 months.  Apparently not only does a reservation mean nothing to Graham’s Tire in Ankeny, but if you sign up for automatic deductions from your bank account at Alexander Storage in Ames, they lose the paperwork and lock you out of your storage unit the weekend you’re moving.  Of course, they are only open 8-5 Monday–Friday — you know, the same hours I work.

Fortunately we ended up getting the Uhaul for an extra day, but had to return it by noon on Monday.  At 8 AM on Monday, I marched over to Alexander Storage in Ames and paid the bill that I already thought I had been paying for the past several months.  Oh, side note, I never received a notice that I was going to be locked out of my storage unit.  My overall review — terrible customer service but great storage units at good prices.  And not in a flood plain either.

Okay, so finally everything was moved into the apartment …

[living room]




[barney’s room/craft room]

[our bathroom]

SOooo glad that’s over with. Seriously, not moving.  Again.  for a long time.

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  1. Wow. Wow.

    Also, i like how Barney has a bedroom. And apparently he’s the only one who does. 😉

  2. Ugh, what a crappy experience. I hate moving so much.

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