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FO Friday: Vintage Scrap Quilt Top

Okay so it’s not actually a finished object. It’s getting there. But I am moving (AGAIN) soon, so I’m not going to get to finish it. However — I’ll have a whole room for crafting when we move! SO excited.

There was kind of a bit of shrinkage. I was going for 50″x50″ but the width is quite a bit less. I figured it would be but didn’t realize it was going to be THAT much less. I’m planning to add white fabric to either side and do a light gray back and the binding with one of the vintage fabrics. I have enough of one of them to do the binding.

This is before — when I pinned all the white to either side of the strips. I sewed the white on then sewed three strips together at a time, then sewed those together.

This is the (mostly) finished product.  You can’t see the shrinkage as much in this photo as I would have liked to show. It’s about 2/3 the original size.

Closeup of some of the lovely fabrics … I love the blue with white swirls and the red with polka dot circles.

I’ll probably be doing a plethora of finished quilt posts come winter.  I have a bag full of about 6 tops with backs and binding ready to go. Just need somebody to quilt them! I would, but I would rather not kill my machine.

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