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FO Friday: T-shirt Quilt for my Cousin

Um, I may have gotten the t-shirts for this in the spring of 2009.  Like March 2009.  Regardless, I finally finished it.  It broke my sewing machine twice.  Twice.  Therefore, not making any more quilts (at least quilting them).  So if you want a quilt, I’ll make the top, but you’re on your own for getting it quilted. 😉

I also hate t-shirt quilts. I think they’re boring and stupid and I am not sure why people love them so much when there are so many beautiful quilting fabrics or vintage fabrics out there to make a quilt from instead. I’ve made 3 t-shirt quilts now — but the first 2 were really deconstructed. And the first 2 were because I wasn’t sure if I was going to like quilting, so I didn’t want to BUY fabric until I knew if I liked it or not.

Anywho — the twist on the regular t-shirt quilt here is adding the lyrics to Lateralus by Tool on the back of the quilt.  I just quilted straight lines to make it easy.  And I used scrap fabric that coordinated for the binding.

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  1. Ooh, i like the lyrics on the back.

    I think t-shirt quilts are dumb for the sake of the quilt, but cool for the sake of the t-shirts. Because if you have a bunch of t-shirts you can’t stand to get rid of, this is a way to turn them into something useful. I kinda want one for my high school theater shirts that i never even look at anymore but still can’t get rid of.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      That definitely makes sense. I did that with a bunch of shirts and have a blanket to use for camping/picnics, etc.

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