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Bachelorette Debauchery

It’s a week late, but last Saturday we went out for my friend Steph‘s bachelorette party.  Not the typical bachelorette. That’s not how we roll. No giant plastic penises (peni??) or beads or leis or whatever else.

The plan was to eat sushi, have some lovely homemade desserts at her place and head to a really douchey bar for some dancing.

Sushi at Appare started out the evening. Then we went to Steph’s place for some oreo truffles and amaretto cupcakes with baileys irish cream frosting (Steph and I baked the Thursday before … note the cream cheese frosting was from the Guinness cupcakes I made for my birthday).  Then we went to Uncle Bucks in West Des Moines for some douchery.

All in all, fun was had.  And the douchey guys by us at the bar were actually quite entertaining — they kept hopping up on the stripper pole and making fun of the slutty girls that were actually using the stripper pole. Hilarious.

Also, I would like to point out that I was wearing a dress owned by Steph and it FIT. AND I wasn’t wearing the miraculous bra (yes that cleavage is TRULY miraculous).

I didn’t text Mark all night …

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I made these ultra-gaudy flower pins for everybody to wear as a headband or pin. Here’s Kelly modeling hers.

The bridal party!

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