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Wedding Invite Wednesday #4: Chelsea Invites


This is probably going to be my last wedding invite update post for a while. I really probably should have spaced them out more, but now I’ve hopefully created interest and suspense. 🙂 I have a Vegas invite but I need to tweak the size so it’s the 5×7″ size I’ve been working with. I’d like to stick to one size for invites until I get a few orders out the door.

These are the Chelsea Invites — custom illustration and invite created for my sister’s friend Chelsea. I want to do a couple more invites with my little birdies illustrations.

Please note that these images are copywritten. Illustrations and designs are not for personal use. If you would like to use on your blog, please link back to this post.


Edit 09/14/2016

chimesdesign wedding and party stationery //

I’ve updated these invites a bit and am offering them for sale in my stationery shop on etsy.

Right now I’m only offering the invites, but am in the middle of designing all the coordinating pieces.

I’m offering two slightly different designs. Version 1 is the original design with a little bit of tweaking on the type. Version two features some popular brush script typefaces.


Currently I’m offering two pre-designed color options, but the option for custom colors is available.




I also designed a virtual and regular baby shower version.

I always thought the birdies with the nest made for a pretty cute baby announcement or shower invitation. People have the option to choose the color and number of the eggs and the little birdies (to signify their children).





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  1. LOVE the birdies.

    You realize you are going to be designing my invites, should I ever get married, right? Glad that we are settled on that.

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