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FO Friday: Tattoo Dishes

When I was moving, I uncovered these fabulous dishes I was working on back in 2009.  I totally forgot about them, but am hoping to finish them before Craft Saturday on April 30.

Except … I have no idea what to put in the ribbon on the hearts. There are 4 plates that need something filled in and I plan to make the mugs to match.  I was going to do Mom, Dad, Love and something else, but realized if a family that didn’t have a mom, or didn’t have a dad might want these dishes and be offended.  My best idea so far is to keep it blank and personalize it for the person who buys it, but that’s not probably the BEST way to go about it.



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  1. kim says: Reply

    do something like “love” in a few different languages – or another set of words that go together. love, peace, happiness, joy or something. kinda corny, but i think the other languages could be fun.

    very pretty! xoxo

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