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FO Friday: Gingerbread House

WARNING: making a gingerbread house may sound like fun. IT IS NOT.

My beau somehow talked me into making a gingerbread house with him — although, he still claims it was MY idea. We spent the better part of last Sunday making this monstrosity from baking to assembling, to frosting.

Did I mention he’s an engineer and I’m a designer? So this house was going to be a really cool house. Or so the plans laid it out that way.

He didn’t want just a plain house — it had to have an addition.  I also wanted to go gung ho and do all sorts of cool piping, but that didn’t happen as I was exhausted by the time we got the damn thing to hold together.

Also — if you bake things, they change form. Something I didn’t think about going into this.

Regardless, here is our house. And I’ve got a template for the pieces here for you for FREE. If you dare.

The backside of our house was kind of sad-looking.

The side of the house refused to stay put. It collapsed 3-4 times before I finally just put a bunch of empty bottles around it to hold it up.

And here is the side. Kind of cute, but frustrating!

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  1. There’s a reason i don’t even attempt things like this. 😉 It’s cuter than you give it credit for!

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