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PSA: Stay away from PayNet Systems and Pipeline Data

Okay people — I really hate posting a complaint on my blog. I feel it damages my reputation a little bit and I don’t like the idea of that.

However, since a lot of my readers are crafty peeps who sell lovely wares, I thought I would post my experience with PayNet Systems as a public service announcement.

BEWARE. If you google this company, you’ll get a slew of complaints similar to mine.

This service, offered through Pipeline Data, claims to let you have the ability to charge credit cards with low fees and with a 6-month contract that you can cancel at any time. Their monthly fee of $10 is  more than reasonable — if you use the service.

However, if you sign up for this service, do not expect to cancel. You’re in this for life — apparently — from my experience. Don’t expect to get any customer service once you mention the word “cancel” or the words “terminate my contract” or “let my contract expire”.

I signed up for this service back in June because I wanted to take credit cards at craft shows. I do one of those (maybe 2) a month — in the summer/fall.  I used the service a few times and it worked well, but it turned out that I was actually better off NOT taking credit cards because I don’t have a good way of taking them. I was using my laptop and internet was sparse at the venues that I sold at.

I wanted to cancel this service a few months ago because I don’t use it. I used it for 2 months and realized it wasn’t worth bothering with because I used it at craft shows only, and it was a pain to haul my laptop back and forth when I may not even have internet access to use the service.

When I asked to cancel, I was told that there was a $75 fee to cancel and that my contract would end in December anyway, so I might as well stick it out.

Well way to go, scammer. You got me.  My best guess is that my contract auto-renewed with a NEW LARGER FEE.  Instead of paying $10 for a service I do not want, I’m now paying $20/month for that same service.

I’ve asked the customer service rep what that charge was for. No response.

Again, I asked her what was going on and let her know that I was beginning to think the company was a scam.


I’ve done some research and found that a LOT of other people have this problem and that apparently there is no real person working at this company. Their facebook page is a bunch of spammy “informative” posts — as is their twitter. My best guess is that they don’t have one or the other of these accounts and just post on one and push information to the other.  Social media is about interacting with the customer — not posting information that nobody cares about.

So I “liked” their page on Facebook in hopes that comments about their service would draw attention to my situation and get it resolved. I mentioned that it annoyed me that I had to “like” their page in order to post anything on it.  I’m guessing not because a company that treats Facebook as a spam outlet likely doesn’t bother to check their page for negative postings, so my post will live there for a while.

I also tweeted several times about my experience. No response from the company.  But I did get some responses from online complaint petition groups … so I filed a few complaints there.

It’s really funny. So many times I’ve been on the opposite end of social media — having to watch negative comments get posted about things I care about. Now I’m on the pissed-off side. And I’m getting absolutely no service. The difference is I really don’t think this company USES these accounts and that they merely have them to have them because “it’s what you do”. I realize this is a tangent, but it really annoys me when people and companies do that. You can’t be all things to all people. Do what you do and do it well.

</end rant>

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  1. tehmina says: Reply

    hii, same thing happen to me, infact its only 7 days since i signed up and i cannot cancel without fees which they advertise werent any to begin with. what a scam. how did u got out of it then???

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