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It’s a sad day indeed

I just found out that my dad’s car, dubbed The Calvinmobile, has finally bit the dust.

It was a 1989 Ford Festiva. Lemon yellow. With lightning bolt racing stripes.  I couldn’t find an actual photo of it, but it’s basically this car. But with bitchin’ lightning bolts and stripes on it. Use your imagination.

My mom bought it when I was in 3rd or 4th grade and much to my embarrassment, drove me to school everyday in it.

That didn’t last long. She got a new car, and stuck my dad with the Festiva. Which he enjoyed because it got amazing gas mileage — though it wasn’t as good of gas mileage as his bicycle got.

I remember back in 2002 we took a family trip to Galena. And drove that car and my mom’s car. That car barely made it up the tall Eastern Iowa/Western Illinois hills. Chugging its merry way at 35 miles per hour.

So that car sat proudly in my parents driveway for the last 8 years, being used mostly to cart my sister and her friends around town for her 4-year high school career.

Eventually came the time when my dad realized that it wasn’t really safe to use that car for anything but a trip across town to Theisens to pick up some oil for my annual Thanksgiving or Christmas oil change or to do some summer weedwhacking.

But I thought he would drive that car until he was Flintstone-ing it around — you know, cutting the bottom out of the car and powering it by foot.

My mother has informed me that it’s going on to a better place and that my dad has found somewhat of a replacement (how do you replace such a legendary car?) … a little truck.

Although I’m interested in seeing this little truck, I’m going to miss the yellow Festiva and its badass racing stripes every time I go home.

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  1. That is a fantastically snazzy car. Too bad it’s moving on.

    My dad drove this white Bronco for as long as i could remember, but finally traded it in on the cash-for-clunkers deal. I think he replaced everything on it at least twice, but i believe he actually made money on it in the end, having paid less for it than the $4k trade-in value he got.

  2. Oh, that is tragic. I never knew about this car…. it sounds pretty epic. RIP, little yellow car. RIP.

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