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Sweet Tunes Thursday: Public Static and Nick Reid

For those who know me, it might sound like I’m trying to get some major brownie points here, but I’m totally not. 🙂

I thought I’d start adding some more localish flavors for my Sweet Tunes Thursdays.  So, I present to you, Public Static — a twin cities band fronted by Nick Reid, my beau’s fabulously talented older brother. Minnesota is somewhat local, right?

Public Static calls themselves “the quintessential garage-band” and their music is a fusion of rock, pop, soul, and a little bit of drama. I’ve seen them a few times and they always put on a good show that involves the audience.

Check out their music on their media page and let me know what you think! They’ve got free downloads of some of their songs. One of my favorites is “Crazy” off the Nick Reid Crazy EP (in case you’re wondering, I totally have a signed copy).

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  1. Stefani Germanotta says: Reply

    Minneapolis is NOT local for you. DSM would be local. Now if you lived in, say, Mankato, then yes, the Twin Cities could be considered local.

  2. Calee says: Reply

    your face is local … to my fist. 😛

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