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Humpday Blog Love: Hipster Housewife

This week’s Humpday Blog Love installation is dedicated to The Hipster Housewife.

The Hipster Housewife is a blog started somewhat recently by Des Moines’s  own Cat Rocketship. If you live in the Des Moines area and haven’t heard of Cat, get out from that rock you’ve been living under.  Cat is a huge mover and shaker in the Des Moines Art scene. She’s a painter. A director of a local indie craft show (that I blog about often — Market Day). And she’s just recently embarked on her latest endeavor: housewife.

Well — not in the sense of the word you would think of — she’s not a June Cleaver or a Roseanne.  She moved her painting studio to her home and does an array of housewifey type things … like cooking, cleaning, and other things.  You can read all about it in this fabulous guest post she wrote over at small strokes.

Anyway, The Hipster Housewife is where Cat chronicles her adventures. Some of my favorite posts include figuring out that you can EAT the honeycomb (I did not know this!) and making cheese with her friend Kyle.

I’m a little bit jealous. I would love to have a studio at home and do all these fun housewifey things. That, and I love Cat’s idea of feminism — I DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. Don’t tack on “… as long as I’m a doctor/astronaut/physicist”.

Anyway, go check her out. I’m sure she’d love to have more than my daily comment on her blog. I’m wondering if she’s beginning to think I’m stalking her …

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