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Pyrex Love!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m kind of obsessed with vintage pyrex. Specifically the spring blossom (or crazy daisy) pattern.

I’ve been collecting random pieces and have all the cinderella mixing bowls (almost 2 full sets actually), the butter dish, some mugs, a couple of casseroles, etc. BUT I want the dish set! In its entirety. My friend Shelly has the corelle set AND matching silverware that she inherited from her parents.

Anyway — I *just* had a fabulous idea thanks to the PYREX LOVE group on flickr.

I follow the Pyrex Love pool in google reader, and I saw this photo:

And it occurred to me … all pyrex is cool. So why not have a purposely mismatching patterned set? All the pieces would be the same shape, but the patterns would be different. How easy and cheap would it be to randomly pick up pieces at Goodwill and Salvation Army? I’d replace my current dish set with these pieces one by one (I’ve already done so with the spring blossom mugs anyway).

I’m really excited about this! I love when I have an “aha” moment.

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