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So I turned 26. Last Sunday. I’m a little late on this post, but I’m a little partied out. Not to mention I’ve had a ridiculously busy week at work! We moved from our old office to a brand new space that was built out just for us. 🙂

Anyway, 26-year-old festivities began back in September with my friend Kelly‘s birthday on the 23rd.  I like to make it a 2-week event (and I’m sure she does too) with fun birthday activities and fall times.

For Kelly‘s b-day, we went to Fong’s Pizza in Des Moines.  It is amazing. Chinese food? Check. Pizza? Check.  Chinese Food as pizza? What? Yes. Check.

They also have these shots that are so hardcore that they require helmets. They’re so nice at Fong’s that they even provide them for you!

Kelly and me with our helmets

Most amazing photo ever — it so describes our girl group in a snapshot: Steph‘s being all “peace out”, I’m being all badass hardcore metal, Kelly‘s smiling like she has no idea this is out of the ordinary and Maria looks very afriad.

For a full recap of those festivities, check out Kelly’s post. I just realized I left out a super juicy detail from the evening, but you’ll have to check her blog out for that. Plus, she writes better than me anyway. 🙂

For MY birthday festivities, I had a semi-formal gathering in which we went to dinner, went for drinks and ended up at my place for dessert, drinks and games. Fun times! We played a 3-hour game of Apples to Apples and ended up going through the ENTIRE box of cards!

Mark and me all dressed up

My friend and former roommate, Danielle, and me all pretty and such — I’m so glad she came down — she drove 3 hours to make it!

My friend Molleh and me. Well, it’s Molly, but I prefer to call her Molleh. 🙂

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  1. Eee! I love our birthdays. I’m sad I had to miss yours though. Granted we DID have CBR (Calee’s Birthday Roadtrip) but it’s not the same… sigh.

  2. LP says: Reply

    Happy Happy birhtday!!

  3. […] the Thursday before … note the cream cheese frosting was from the Guinness cupcakes I made for my birthday).  Then we went to Uncle Bucks in West Des Moines for some […]

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