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Children. Of. Bodom.

I’ve blogged a lot lately about the boys from the arctic north (not MN, Finland — the real arctic).  But that’s cuz they’re awesome.

Last  night I went to a show at the Seven Flags Event Center in Des Moines. It was supposed to be the Black Label Society show, but the infamous Zakk Wylde was sick, so they cancelled. Thus, a lot of pissed off dudes in biker-type garb showed up at the door demanding their money back. However, BLS canceling was a great thing for short 90-pound girls like me who were going just to see Children of Bodom. Nobody really showed up … there were maybe 100 people there. I was on the front rail in the side-middle, and nobody really touched me throughout the show. People — that is sad (not that I like being touched, but I’m sad for these bands that nobody showed up).

I may or may not have screamed like a 10-year-old in Justin Bieber’s presence the whole time that Bodom was on stage. I mean, I *might* have a smallish celeb crush on their lead singer/guitarist — Alexi Laiho. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about that a few times

Anyway, I actually remembered my camera and brought it on the off chance I would get to meet the COB. No dice, but I did get a lot of video, and I met the guys from the opening band, 2Cents (who are the best opening band I’ve seen in a LONG time).

Here’s some of the video I got … Living Dead Beat — this is kind of my song. So I may or may not  have been singing to it. Also, I don’t know the words to everything … so there’s that. 😛

ready to rock. sporting my The Faint t-shirt recon. Not quite metal (or even close) but I love that shirt.

The opening band, 2Cents. I met the guitarist. He was pretty cool.

Bassist from Children of Bodom. He looks very Finnish.

Alexi. *swoon* (yes yes I realize I have weird taste, but seriously guys. Axe. Man.)

Me and the guy from 2Cents. I didn’t catch his name. But he asked me mine and he was either high or super excited to be there (or both) because he’s like “Calee??? Like Cali? I’m from Cali!”

Aaand random bathroom shot. I thought it was a good idea – you know, after I drank a couple beers provided to me by my new best friends (the three random dudes that I met that couldn’t believe I drank whiskey or liked metal).

All in all, it was a good time. And selfishly, I’m glad BLS didn’t come to town. It made this show a better experience for me.

EDIT: so I looked at my post about Alexi from a long time ago, and realize he’s ironically wearing a BLS shirt in the photo.

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