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Beautiful. Body. Art.

One of my besties got a HUGE amazing tattoo this weekend.  Her tattoo is so fitting for her — it’s a vintage sewing machine with some thread and a rose. Gorgeous colors and everything! I can’t believe she sat through an entire 5 hours of pain. I told her that it had to be kind of like running a marathon — crappy at first, awesome in the middle, and sheer hell until it’s finished. 😉


I’ve been wanting a tattoo for years. Not just any tattoo — wings. I need wings on my ankles.  I promised myself if I completed a marathon that I’d get my wings. 2 years later, and still no wings. Partially because I’m soooo damn indecisive and I’m pretty much avoiding the pain. But still. I’m a wimp.

I also didn’t know how to get my idea on paper. I’ve been recruiting friends to try to get my vision down, but nothing really works. I came across these amazing works of art by Amanda Wachob during my daily prowling on the internet for pretty things. I’ve been obsessing for a while, but haven’t figured out until now that — hey — maybe I should incorporate the wings with that style.

Here are some examples of Amanda’s beautiful work … I’m smitten.


Picture 3

Picture 1


Love it.

So in the spirit of these amazing works of art, I’ve finally come up with my wings. Finally.


I like the one on the left better, but the one on the right has a directional quality that speaks to speed — which is kind of the purpose of getting wings in the first place — to remind me of running and that it’s been such a huge part of my life.

I think I’m going to get some clear sticker paper and print them both out and wear them in a couple different places before I make the appointment, but they’re likely going on the top of my feet. I’m doing it on my left food. I might eventually make something that compliments it in a similar style on the right foot, but for now, it’s going on the left foot.  I decided it had to go on the left since my left leg is what’s been giving me trouble the past few years and I’ve had to overcome a lot of stuff just to keep running.

What do you think … does it suit me?

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  1. Adria Swinconos says: Reply

    awesome! you took a great pic of it! 🙂 i also like the one on the left! super cute!

  2. Kim says: Reply

    i love it! and think it’s perfect for you! btw. love the new site! 😀

  3. LP says: Reply

    you’re so cool chimes 🙂
    maybe our paths will finally cross soon…

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