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Celebrity Skinned

This week for Sweet Tunes Thursday, I’m giving you a recap of the Murderdolls show I went to on Monday the 30th.

I’m sure this sounds totally lame, but that show being scheduled was a dream come true. The fact that they reformed and released an ALBUM is something I’ve fantasized about for the past 8 years. But. They. Did it.


So I’m a total spaz, in case you didn’t know this. And I’m realllly pretty sure that the Murderdolls know this now too.  CUZ I MET THE FLIPPING BAND. Yeah. I met them.

And you know what? It’s funny because like 5 years ago I spent a TON of time thinking about how cool it would be to hang with Joey Jordison and just how that meeting would go down. Yeah, so didn’t happen like that. I totally freaked and didn’t know what to say and I think it came out like, “OMG OMG OMG 5 years ago you were totally my idol.” But then I realized what I said, and that it wasn’t what I wanted to say, so I was like, “But you’re still freaking awesome!”

Yeah. I don’t think he was too excited about that.

Regardless, I did get to meet the rest of the band too. All of those guys are super nice and I made sure to tell the guitarist that he was really good — he was an unknown and it’s pretty awesome that he stepped in and took over for Tripp Eisen.

AND I talked to Wednesday 13 (I actually said, “DUDE I WANT TO TALK TO YOU” and he’s all “Okay then, let’s talk.”).  I told him that I saw him a couple years back at a little bar in Cedar Falls and he remembered it (or maybe not? but he was nice enough to say he did).  He was really nice and it was probably the coolest 30 seconds of my life … haha.

Oh oh oh, and here’s the cool part: So I’d randomly put my deconstructed t-shirt quilt in the back of my car a while back because I thought it would look cool in the back window. Well, it was made from mostly Slipknot and Murderdolls shirts. Conveniently, I grabbed it and the band signed it. So now I’ve got a kickass signed quilt. What up?

Murderdolls Signed Quilt 8.31.2010

Murderdolls Signed Quilt 8.31.2010

And it was really cool that Wednesday signed one of the dolls … and Joey did too. Joey drew a little smiley face, so I guess that’s way cool. 🙂 He thought the whole quilt idea was pretty sweet. (maybe cuz it’s mostly made of shirts from bands that he’s in?).

Anyway — oh wait, there was a show. Right.

So the concert was pretty much amazing. I know I’m sure I sound like a complete douche right now, but shut up. I love these guys. I seriously waited 8 years for anything and about crapped myself when I found out they were releasing anything and this concert was (as I mentioned) a dream come true. I dragged Mark along, but he loves Wednesday’s old band, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 (who I blogged about a couple weeks ago), so he had an awesome time — in the back, drinkin’ PBR.

Me — I was up front. Practically on the stage.  Wednesday got in my face a few times and it was pretty sweet.

They played a few of their new songs and a bunch of the songs from their last album. Great show!

For your enjoyment, I’ve included some videos. The first one doesn’t have good sound, but it’s got a great view.  And if you look on the left side, I’m in the hot pink zebra shirt!

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  1. HA! That first one is actually my video… I was the tall skinny guy up front with long dark hair.

    Of course the audio sucked. I took the video with a point and shoot camera and was in-between 2 monitors and the drum kit was like 10 feet away. 😛

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