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This past weekend I realized I have an awful lot of projects that are WIP, unfinished or just plain sitting around — UFOs (unfinished objects).

So, in effort to finally finish up some of these, I present to you in no particular order (and when I started the project):

My Embarrassingly Long List of UFOs

  1. Mug for a friend’s birthday present (2 weeks ago)
  2. Tattoo Dish Set (July 2009)
  3. mom’s pleather jacket restyle (September 2009)
  4. quilt for my mom (March 2009) — in my defense, I just haven’t had the extra $75 around to get it professionally quilted.
  5. coin stack quilt (March 2009)
  6. Thea’s Puzzle Quilt (April 2010)
  7. Roseanne Afghan (November 2007) — this project is to work on when I don’t have any other projects to work on
  8. fabric scrap greeting cards (May 2010) — I have 45 blank cards left to create
  9. camera cases (July 2010) —  I have 10 cases left to sew — just need to buy buttons and elastic to get them done
  10. fabric scrap flowers (July 2010)
  11. jeans into summer pants/shorts (July 2010)
  12. Map of the states quilt (April 2010)
  13. Yellow fake-esta ware dishes (July 2010)
  14. Nerdy cross stitch (April 2010)
  15. cookbook (December 2009)
  16. Portfolio/website/resume revamp (May 2010) — don’t worry — just time for a refresh.
  17. Wonky Log Cabin Quilt #1 (February 2010)
  18. Wonky Log Cabin Quilt #2 (February 2010)
  19. Workout/Recipe/Craft project binders (February 2010)
  20. Family recipe book (January 2008)
  21. ironic greeting cards (May 2009)
  22. T-shirt quilt for my cousin (August 2009)
  23. Fabric Frame (June 2010)
  24. touch up painting my kitchen (May 2010)
  25. recycled t-shirt rug (September 2009)
  26. Black and white quilt (March 2009)

I’m sure there’s way more UFOs than what’s on this list,  but this is what I’ve got so far. Problem is, I don’t have deadlines for any of these, except maybe the stuff I make for Market Day, but those are rolling deadlines at best.  Gifts always have deadlines, so there’s 3 on here I know I can mark off for sure.  Mom’s quilt is getting done next month so I can have it ready by September.  The birthday mug is going to get done this week.  And there’s one more on here that’s going to be a wedding gift for a friend.

Anyway, in an effort to demolish this list, I’m going to present one finished project (or at least progress on something) each week.  Obviously, the granny square afghan and other projects (like quilts) take a little time, and some take some funds I don’t have.  But I promise (girl scout’s honor) to work on this list as best I can before starting any new projects.

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  1. Adria Swinconos says: Reply

    dear lord woman!

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