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the new love of my life

I don’t even need to write anything. Self-explanitory.

Picture 2

the new love of my life

and yes. he has a black glitter harness.

his name is hoosier, for now.

possible names include:

franklin (gothic)
walter (peyton)
perry (the fridge)

I’m really digging Walter, Franklin, Cliff and Pickles.  I thought it’d be really funny to name a 9-lb fuzzy dog after something heavy metal or after a linebacker. Sooo … Pickles the Drummer (Dethklok) or Cliff (Burton) OR Walter (Peyton) … Franklin is cute too.  I’m leaning towards Walter because he looks like a Walter. But he does also look like a pickles.

Either way … I’m in love again.  My heart is still broken and will be for a long time, but this little guy can help me mend it.  Or at least he will keep my mind off things why he’s busy chewing up my shoes and begging for food.

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  1. Steph says: Reply

    You should have gone with Walter. They say when you adopt a dog you should pick a name that sounds similar to its old name so it doesn’t get confused. I wish i could have met him this weekend. 🙁

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