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I’m not quite there yet, but the 25th birthday celebration has begun (also known as Calee’s 25th Birthday Parade of Awesomeness).

Parade of Awesomeness

The official 25th birthday celebrations began a few weeks ago with Kelly‘s celebration. For her birthday, we did cake and wine (MollyCake) at Molly‘s place. Molly made an amazing raspberry lemon cake that was beautifully decorated.

Molly Cake! (TM)



Eloisa and I eating the leftover frosting. Yes. Leftover frosting. Amazing. 🙂

Molly and Kelly cutting the cake

Kelly and Molly cutting the cake.

Inside the cake

inside … YUM

Tall and short

me n shelly — tallest person in the room + shortest=epically cute.

AND the birthday celebration continued on Kelly’s b-day at Olde Main Brewery in Ames for dollar pint nights. Mmmm … Off Kilter.


ridiculously cute as usual.

Yay… Kelly, Maria and I. I <3 my girlies!

And now, for my b-day celebration!

On Saturday we went to the Appare Steakhouse in Des Moines for some sushi and steak (mostly sushi).  And then we went to the Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar in West Des Moines.

girlies 2

Kelly, Feleecia, me and Maria at Appare


Me and my boys, Mark and Matt. Related: I am ridiculously short.


Molly and I (pseudo roomies!) — I’ve been hanging out/staying at her place some of this month. Molly is awesome!

Cutest Couple ever.

Steph and Nathan — the cutest awesomest couple EVAR. 🙂 Seriously. Look up “made for each other” in the dictionary and you see their picture (not that you can look up a phrase in the dictionary, but hey, you get my drift).


Annnnndddd… no night would be complete without making out with some inanimate object.

me gargoyle

This was just at the sushi place.  The piano bar was far less interesting.  We got there and had nowhere to sit. So we ended up on some couches by the bathroom. Kelly and Danielle got a fish bowl, which ended up being given to a bachelorette party. BECAUSE because because … some girl was waiting in line for the bathroom (which was being occupied by a couple that was getting busy) and TOTALLY puked all over herself and the floor right by where we were. Although it was hilarious, it was also disgusting, so we promptly left.

More is to come for the Birthday Parade of Awesomeness ™.  Thursday we shall have cake and some awesome TV watching (the office, project runway, sunny).  For my birthday cake, I requested a Cake Wreck.  Molly and I have something reaallllly awesome in mind. 🙂

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