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Two Shows. One Day. Yes — I am insane.

I’m participating in Market Day this month (as usual) and a really cool show called Relish The Hellish — on THE SAME DAY!

What was I thinking?

Fortunately, I didn’t have to make a whole lot of new stuff for these shows, so I’m not quite at the level of insanity where I’m tearing my hair out yet. (I did chop it all off though!)

Anyway, here are the details of the two shows:

Once again, here comes another art show where the weird are most welcome. Quickly gaining an awesome customer base, these art shows reflect the talent of folks who you wouldn’t ordinarily see in a Gallery around town.

Butch Von Dreaux is making another trek all the way from Louisiana to be here and Spookshow Pinups has been added to the list of amazing artists as well!

D. Ryan Allen will be there again showing all of his amazing work from zombie sketches to kid’s coloring books for the macabre.

In addition to the fine arts folks, we will also have all kinds of goodies like hand-made leather wallets, re-structured clothing, creepy dolls, hand-bags, pillows and everything else in between.

SATANIMALS will also be unveiling a new line of horror inspired pillows.. the first being an amazing SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA pillow!

This is not just your average art show. Pretentious art snobs are discouraged from coming. Although, it is fun to see them stick their nose in the air and turn on their heels when they see Gregg Bensink’s table of amazing goodies.

Attendees can enter the raffle to win numerous prizes including: original artwork from each of the artists, gift certificates for tattoos up to $100 as well as gift certificates to some local businesses including: Best Place Ever, ZZZ Records, Cup O’ Kryptonite and The Beauty Parlor!

The Raffle is at 9PM and you MUST be present to win!!




Market Day is a monthly art/handmade/homemade/vintage event held in downtown Des Moines, just a couple of blocks from the Farmer’s Market. I’ll be there selling my handpainted dishes, envelope clutches and much more.  You can also see everything from baked goods to knitted goods to art, vintage jewelry, handmade furniture, toys, apparel and much more.  It varies month to month, but things are always interesting, local and well-made.
Come down, grab some lemonade and browse the work. Market Day runs this Saturday, August 29, from 9a-2p at Market Street Media Foundry, 118 SE 4th Street, Des Moines. Read more about it on the MSMF website and get directions here.
For a sneak peek at what I’ll be selling, check out or

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