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dum dum dum dum dum da da da da da

So if you didn’t get that … it’s the guitar line from Beat It.  (duh)

Anywho, I’m participating in craftster.org‘s Michael Jackson “We Love the Gloved One” swap. Yes.  Go ahead. Groan.

*insert groans here*

Good. Now that you’ve got that out of your system, prepare to be put in a State of Shock (yes, I am going to heavily sprinkle this post with song titles, now shush).

Okay, quickie info on this swap: it’s 5 points (I’m not going to explain points, but it’s basically 1 small item=1 point, medium=2, large=3, etc).  You have to craft enough stuff to add up to 5 points.  Also, I’m paired with a cool girl from Australia.  Great. Except I’m poor, so that limits what I can send because shipping is hella expensive.

Enter: crafts I would never dream of doing in a million years.  But they’re my For All Time favorites (okay, that was a stretch).

Note: none of these are actually FOR the swap. These are simply testing the medium to see what I can do.


MJ in the infamous Beat It jacket. Silhouette on shrink plastic made into a pendant for a necklace. Chain is vintage.


Okay. I admit. I actually saw the next thing on craftastrophe.net and HAD to make it myself. I thought to myself, man, what a great idea!  And yes. Craftastrophe.net is a blog about exactly what it sounds like it would be about. Crafty catastrophes — ie BAD crafts.  However, somebody on etsy sells these for $40 a pop! Crazy. I’ll make my own, thanks. The fabric for this costs about $3 a yard.  Cut, pin, stitch, stuff. Nothing Dangerous about it.  Done in 30 minutes. (next time I’ll measure a bit better though and possibly use a light interfacing to make the stitching better)


ET … moonwalk … home? Yeah. I’m going to revisit this pattern to make it less alien-like and more human (nature). It’s a 1.5 x 1 foot stuffie of — you guessed it (I hope anyway) — the one and only sequined glove.  I have no clue what I’m going to do with this thing, except for right now I’m gonna Keep it In the Closet.


… and of course, his favorite gesture.

That’s all for now. YES.  There will be more.  MUCH more.  I purchased a Thriller music box movement for the craft swap and realized I wouldn’t be able to send something big enough to hold it, so I’m going to be making my OWN shrine box (only not really a shrine, more or less a pretty music box) complete with a fimo MJ that will be mounted on one of those twirly ballerina things. Now I just gotta figure out how to get the twirly ballerina thing to do a triple twist and land on its toes …

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