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\m/ METAL SWAP \m/

I recently participated in a heavy metal swap on craftster.org. This was the first organized craft swap I’ve done through the site, and I think it turned out pretty well.

For those of you who don’t know, basically in a craft swap you decide that you’re going to make a certain number of items and find out a lot of stuff about what your partner likes. Craftster does a lot of themed swaps like the metal swap (next up, MJ swap).

My partner was really into a lot of the same kind of stuff that I was into…Children of Bodom, In Flames, Pantera…etc.  But she was a HUGE Maiden fan. I took this as an opportunity to get to listen to some Maiden since I never really gave them a chance.  I got really excited about crafting some Maiden stuff since I got kind of into the cheesiness of the music. I decided that I’d only make her maiden stuff so she wouldn’t outgrow it later (like she might have with some of the newer bands).

We decided that it would be fun to make some über-girlie items with a metal theme. She seemed pretty interested in kitchen items, so that’s what I made.

Potholder set (with Eddie and Aces High lyrics on the back)
potholder set

close up of back of potholder

Grocery Tote Bag
maiden tote bag

back of tote

Grocery Bag Dispenser

I tried to make it cute... but it didn't quite work. The inside is a pink floral (the top too) and I quilted the outside with silver...but Eddie's just so fugly.


and…. Breakfast with Lemmy — the one non-maiden item. Mötorhead. 🙂 Ace of Spades. (what’s with the aces theme??)

I was the first one to send, and my partner was the first one to post her stuff… apparently I rocked the eff out of this craft swap.  🙂 So hopefully I get a rockin’ package in return (actually my partner is sending late b/c she wants to thoroughly rock the eff out of MY package too).

Sooo I’m switching gears and crafting for my all-time favorite musician… Michael Jackson.  (okay, here’s where I almost went on a “to those of you who are now riding the MJJ train… seriously get off it” rant…but I restrained myself)  You guys all know how I feel about him (or at least you know now…most of you knew before), so yeah, I’m a little bit upset about the whole deal but on the bright side, I’m getting to experience him all over again and am discovering things I never knew existed. 🙂

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