Molly Nagel … the artist behind Whimsy Creek – life+running

Molly Nagel … the artist behind Whimsy Creek

Molly Nagel is a freelance artist, graphic designer, cake-master and pretty much dabbles in a little bit of everything artistic or crafty. I’ve known Molly for a few years. We met back in college through my friend Kelly during graphic design school.

I’ve been following Molly’s blog for a while now and have been LOVING her beautiful flower paintings. She’s got a store on etsy, and I’ve definitely favorited all the flower paintings…. and wisted the ones she isn’t selling.

Here’s a smattering of her flower paintings…

Molly Flowers

Besides flower paintings, Molly does a lot of dog portraits on stone. I’ve been wanting one since my weiner dog died back in April, but haven’t found my favorite picture of him.

If you get a chance, check out her blog!

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