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ace ventura, corpse grinder.

Okay. All you crafty peeps who have been following me lately, prepare for my other hobby: METAL.

So last night, while piecing together the hello betty pillow for my friend Adria I was flipping through the channels and came across Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. So of course, I watched it, then remembered how much I loved the Ace Ventura movies AND something really exciting that my boyfriend had told me about a long time ago that I had never investigated.  Cannibal Corpse makes a cameo in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

That’s right.  Jim Carrey=huge death metal fan.  \m/

How did I not realize this before? Oh wait, probably because when I was into the Ace Ventura movies I was about 8-10 years old and hadn’t *quite* discovered death metal yet (I was more into my dad’s tunes — The Cars, The Talking Heads, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Queen — at that point).

Anyway, I decided to investigate last night, and sure enough, there’s a few clips on YouTube…including a deleted scene in which Jim Carrey SINGS for CC.  Freaking sweet.

Oooh also, I forgot to mention… for those of you unfamiliar with CC, the lead singer is George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher.  AND those of you who aren’t fans, but ARE fans of Metalocalypse, the lead singer of Dethklok, Nathan Explosion, is based loosely on George … AND George makes a guest voice appearance on the show.  OK. Enough metal nerdery.

Without further ado… here it is. Seriously — non-metal fans, this is pretty funny…so you have to watch it!  Sorry — I’m not as into CC as I let on… so I’m not sure which song exactly it is. I only know a few songs by name.

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  1. chimes says: Reply

    lmao okay. i have to comment. Does he seriously say “I’ve got to go mate with your mother,” ?? AWESOME.

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