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more bitching about not being able to run

It’s the 100th Drake Relays this week…and I can’t run.  Oh the irony.  I had planned on the Drake Relays on the Roads Half Marathon to be my “comeback” race. Now I’m not sure when that will be if ever.

My hip had started to get better…but suddenly it relapsed a few days ago and it’s really sore.  I don’t anow what I did…other than the fact that I have a hard time sitting and I like to sit and chill and sew/crochet/knit/surf the webs at night on my couch/futon/bed creation in my living room.  Two nights ago I sat for 3 or so hours and helped College Boyfriend with his resume/cover letter (consulting my friends… consulting).

And here I am. Bitching about not running…again.  I saw several clusters of high school kids (college maybe…they all just look so young anymore it’s so hard to tell the difference) out running today  in preparation for the Drake Relays.

Not only that, but the two girls I work with are running the race (not the 1/2 marathon, but the 8K) on Saturday and keep talking about it. Don’t get me wrong… I’m excited for them, but it’s so hard because all I want to be doing is running right now. NOT sitting here being sore and bitching about it.

Yeah. I can bike. But I don’t own a GOOD bike, so I’m stuck indoors. Really? BORING.

I can swim. I hate pool water. It’s gross. Also, all the lanes are always filled up at the pool at the Bell Center…so I can never water jog like I’d like to do. AND pool water makes me into an itchy lizard.

Elliptical? No. I can’t add resistance right now so elliptical is kind of worthless.  I’m not one of those sorority girls with full makeup and a cell phone glued to my ear. I want a real workout.

This seems like the longest time ever…this time I’ve been “on the bench”.  I know that it’s for the best. It’s torture now, especially since I was out there in full-clad underarmour ALL WINTER LONG in -20° temps, snow, ice, hail and sleet.  It’s gorgeous outside and all I can do is walk (barely) a few blocks and wish I was running. I can nod an smile at the runners as they pass…and hell, I’ve even felt like clapping for a few that looked especially worn out.

Bottom line: THIS SUCKS.

It’s a learning experience I guess. I’ll come away with good habits and skills to avoid another injury. Big thing: maybe I should have stretched?  I can touch my right toe again. I’m getting closer to my left one (left leg is the one that’s not good).

On the bright side, I’ve gotten into crafting lately and will probably post more about that until I’m able to hobble back out there. That’s why I changed my header AND why I haven’t been blogging lately b/c I’ve been wayyyyyy to into crafting for that.

My goal is to get into a craft Saturday and hopefully sell some stuff. I’ve got a list of stuff I’m going to make in the next month to get rid of a LOT of my supplies that I’m sick of moving back and forth whenever I move.  🙂

Okay. I’ve got a glass of Lucy Lane I’m going to get back to that.  Watching the office, salvaging some scrap fabric (cutting into 5-in, 4-in, 3-in and 2-in squares to start a collection for random scrap quilts — that will be my quilting indulgence).

I suck at closings. I feel like I’m writing a paper and need to recap or something.


Oh shoot!  I forgot to mention. My friend Steph (who is totally awesome, btw — and that is NOT the wine talking) knows some of the peeps from The Envy Corps and pulled some strings so I’m getting to use their new single for our Drake promotional video. How cool is THAT?  I had to mention it, cuz I kinda feel like a rockstar.


ok that’s it. back to cutting fabric.

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  1. Steph says: Reply

    🙁 You’ll be able to get back to it some day.

    I’m feeling all crappy and sick today, but we need to do lunch soon. Maybe next week if i don’t feel better by friday.

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