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New Year, no resolutions, just goals

(Trigger Warning: this post could be triggering to those who have had experience with eating disorders.)

I don’t believe in resolutions because I never fulfill them. Usually my resolutions are something without substance or a real goal in mind (such as “in 2009 I resolve to lose weight and eat healthier”).  To achieve anything I have to have a set goal with a set deadline.

A while back I read an article in Self magazine about goals and how to set goals you’ll actually achieve. I cut out the little list thing they put in the article and filled it out.  It had you set goals for every day, each week, in the next few months, by the end of this year, in 5 years and within your lifetime. I hung it up on my fridge as a reminder.

I can’t remember all my goals (I’m not at home right now) but I know I achieved most of them. It’s nice having the “every day” and “every week” goals because I can revisit those frequently to see how I can change my lifestyle to achieve them. I think my every day goals included “be outside”, “do some sort of exercise”, “eat a healthy meal” and “take 10 minutes for myself”. I think I’ve been doing pretty well on all those.

My weekly goals included “visit College Boyfriend” (since he’d been doing most of the visiting), “run 4-6 times”, “take time to pamper” and I don’t remember the last one. Again, I’ve been doing pretty well with those.

My longer-term goals included “run a marathon” (check), “redo personal portfolio website”, “apply to grad school”, “take GRE” (check), “earn an MFA”, “get a tattoo”, “get married” (under the “before I die” category), “pay off student loans” (under 10 year category) and “get a new car” (under the 3-5 year category).

Anyway, I think my list needs some revisiting. So here I go.

Every day I’d like to…

1)  Do some sort of exercise and STRETCH.
2) Be outside or appreciate outdoors/the environment
3) Recycle/reuse something
4) take 10 minutes just to breathe

Every week I’d like to…

1) Run 4-5 times, crosstrain twice
2) Cook a healthy meal for myself (and actually eat the leftovers)
3) Visit College Boyfriend and do something for him to show I care
4) Take time to pamper (take a bubble bath or do a pedi!)

By the end of 2009 I’d like to…

1) Be able to run a 5K in under 25 minutes
2) Have run another half marathon and marathon (EDIT: and do the half in under 2 hours and the full in 4:30 or under…or do 3 halves and get a PR each time if my injury won’t let me do another marathon).
3) have finished my personal portfolio/website
4) apply to grad school and start my program
5) have saved up enough to buy a treadmill for 2009-10’s winter
6) read and finish at least one book

In 3-5 years I’d like to…

1)  have finished my MFA
2) buy a new car
3) move somewhere new and exciting (Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Boston…who knows. NOT Alaska.)
4) Still be a runner … maybe do a triathalon.

In 10 years I’d like to…

1) have student loans paid off or mostly paid off
2) be teaching at a University
3) buy a house or some sort of real estate
4) still be a runner, and do that triathalon if I haven’t.

Before I die I’d like to…

1)  get a tattoo
2) run an ultramarathon (only 30 miles though!)
3) get married/start a family
4) get an iPhone (haha. how petty this goal is, but I think I’ve got all the goods covered elsewhere)
5) finally learn how to play that bass that’s been collecting dust for 4 years.

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  1. andeeroo says: Reply

    Run strong. . . live long!

    check out the good, bad and ugly resolutions of 2009 –

  2. Steph says: Reply

    I think i’m going to try to get to a 25 minute 5k along with you. I got my nike + sensor, now i just need a way to attach it to my shoe and some warmer weather!

    I want to buy a house and get married within four years, and also move somewhere exciting. You know, you’ve got me thinking now… i think i’ll go make my own list!

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